We are open! Order Saturday by Midnight, receive your order Monday morning. Order Sunday by Midnight, receive your order Tuesday morning. Order Wednesday by Midnight, receive your order on Friday! Menu changes early 2022.

How It Works

Hello and welcome to F3! The easy choice for healthy eating.  We all have our reasons for wanting to eat healthy, and we at F3 have done our best to make it as simple as possible for you.  We would like to welcome you as our new customer and explain the benefits of being a F3 customer. 

Florida Fit Foods feels that our customers should be able to choose the meal of their preference instead of being given an assigned menu.  We also feel that you should only pay for what you order.  We don’t believe in forcing you into a plan, a commitment, or a contract. 

Our customers are given the convenience of being able to order not just once, but twice during the week if you are using an authorized pick up location.  Our easy ordering website makes it a breeze.  All ordering is done through our secure ordering system.  We do not accept credit card orders over the phone for safety and security reasons.  Your order must be placed through our site.  

If you made it to our website without an admit code, please register with us so that we can assign you a code and the rep for your area.   

  If your current gym or workout location is not yet a pick up location, please ask them why and drop our name as a suggestion.

Should you like to see a certain type of meal on the menu or have a suggestion, please send us a message here or on our social media pages.  We always want to hear from you! 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 727-998-1818 or send a message in the contact us page.