#F3FLORIDAFITFOODS # Order Sunday night for Tuesday delivery, and order Wednesday night for Friday morning delivery. Thank you Florida! We are celebrating 5 years of serving you this year! It's been 5 great years and looking forward to many more!

Pick up FAQ's

Below, are frequently asked questions that we usually receive.

Q. How do I order?

A. Simply select the items that you would like to purchase, check out, enter your information with your admit code, choose drop off location that you prefer, submit payment, that's it, you're done!  Meals will be delivered the morning of your scheduled route.

Q. How often do you deliver?

A. We deliver twice a week to our pick up locations.  Orders received Sunday by midnight are delivered on Tuesday morning.  Orders received Wednesday by midnight are delivered Friday morning.

Q. Do you deliver to any gym?

A.  At the current time, we only deliver to our authorized pick up locations.

Q. How often should I order?

A. We suggest ordering twice a week giving yourself enough meals to last you 3-4 days

Q.  What is the shelf life of the meals?

A.  Typical shelf life when stored in the refrigerator is 5 days.  Use your best discretion for anything after that time period.

Q. How are the meals stored?

A. Unless otherwise stated, all meals are prepared fresh and are meant to be stored in the refrigerator.

Q. Can the meals be frozen?

A. We do not suggest it as we use zero preservatives to aid in a freezing process.  Each meal is meant to be stored in the refrigerator.  Note: We have had many success stories from customers that freeze their meals for later date consumption.

Q. What should I be eating for my diet?

A. We probably don't know you personally, so this is a question that we cannot answer, but we do have a certified nutritionist that you can discuss this question with.  Contact us for more information and we'll be glad to discuss your dietary needs and goals. 

Q. Can I make adjustments or changes to my order?

A. Not at this time due to the fact that in the past we have tried to accommodate such requests like "no cheese" or "broccoli instead of green beans".  In the future, we hope to be able to custom tailor your meal, but not at this time.