#F3FLORIDAFITFOODS # Order Sunday night for Tuesday delivery, and order Wednesday night for Friday morning delivery. Thank you Florida! We are celebrating 5 years of serving you this year! It's been 5 great years and looking forward to many more!

Subscription Full Access Menu

Sign up and save with a subscription plan!  You can pause, skip, add, subtract menu items and have full control over your account!  What you need to know:::: For instance, you would like to have orders delivered twice a week.   Let's say you want your meals delivered on Monday, and then again on Friday.  You'll want to establish 2 subscriptions.  The first subscription would be entered before Saturday at midnight to have your order delivered Monday morning.  The second subscription would need to be entered before Wednesday at midnight for Friday morning delivery.  Then, when you want to edit or change anything, you simply pick the subscription by delivery day to edit.  We'll have a video up soon to explain!
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